Classic 3 Reel Slots are Dying as 5 Reel Video Slots Gain in Popularity

Added: September 28, 2012

When players enter an online casino and head to the slots section, they will find a large assortment of games, Aside from various game titles, there are different game formats. Online casinos will support traditional three reel games, the latest video slots with five reels and progressive slots, which can be either traditional or video. While traditional slots offer a Vegas style game and simplicity, many players are overlooking these classic games and heading right to the video slots.

Three reel slot games are very simple and basic. They usually have between one and five paylines and only a few basic symbols. Most traditional slots will use the same symbols, including bars, cherries, sevens and bells. While there are some that add a few extra symbols, the game icons are pretty basic. These games typically do not have any additional features, so players will have to rely on the game symbols to create winning combinations.

Five reel video slots have become the popular choice for the majority of players in online casinos. These games provide much more action and excitement than a three reel game. Video slots feature multiple paylines, so there are many more chances at winning while playing. These games also have wilds and scatters, increasing payouts and making the game more fun. Almost every video slot offered in an online casino will offer a bonus round, which is usually the highlight of the game.

Traditional slots may still be offered in online casinos, but players are leaning more toward the action packed video slots. Players are seeking thrills and large payouts and these five reel slots are capable of providing players with both. These games seem to be replacing the once popular traditional slots and are now top attractions at all online casinos.

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