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Introduction to our Slots Dictionary:

Every game has its own lingo and collection of terms and words that are used by its players. Even if you know the rules of a particular game and are an expert in playing it, it is also necessary to know the terms of the games and words used by that particular gaming community.

Do you ever find yourself wondering what slots players are talking about when they discuss their favorite slots games? Have you ever been stumped by the meaning of a particular slots term? Then you will gain a lot from this brief collection of slots words explained clearly to create sort of slots dictionary.

Since our space here is limited, we cannot cover the entire gamut of slots terms used by those in the know. But the words and phrases included here are fairly comprehensive, and simple definitions make concepts easy to grasp. Here is a compilation of the most common and well used terms among slots players, both in the offline and online in the slots communities.

The entries here cover terms used in slots rules, in discussions about types of slot games and their features, and with reference to bonuses and rewards offered in various slots games.



Offline Slots Dictionary:

Bank: A bank is a row of lot machines, usually of the same type.

Bonus: A bonus is a feature of a slots game, which is triggered by specific symbols appearing on the reels of the game. Bonuses add considerably to a player’s winnings.

Candle: This is a light atop a slot machine, which flashes when some action is required to be completed, or when a problem arises.

Carousel: A carousel is an arrangement of slot machines, generally oval or round.

Change person: This is someone who gives much needed change to slots players in land based casinos.

Coin hopper: A coin hopper is a container that holds the coins ready for payout. Coins are rotated into a tray here, when a player cashes out, and when it is full, a coin diverter drops the coins into adropbucket or other container.

Edge: The edge in slot games refers to the house advantage.

Fruit machine: British term for slot machine

Hand pay: This refers to a payout made by a cashier or game attendant rather than one from the slot machine itself.

Hit: Slang phrase for winning in slots

Jackpot: This is the biggest prize that a player can win in a slots game.

Loose slots: A machine that offers a comparatively high payout percentage.

Max bet: A max bet is the largest amount that may be wagered on a single spin of the reels in a slots game.

One armed bandits: Slang for slot machine

Payout: A payout is a reward given to a player when he or she wins.

Payout percentage: Payout percentage is the return to player in a slots game. The law insist on a minimum payout percentage in any slot machine.Plowing in: This means using your winnings to fund your wagers in slots.

Poker or poker machine: Australian term for slot machine

Reels: These are the wheels in a slot machine that spin and determine wins and losses.

Short pay: This is a partial payout made by a machine because of a coin shortage – the slots attendant will pay the player the rest of the money owed.

Slant top machine: This kind of slot machine has a stool in front of it so that players can play from a seated position.

Stand up machine: Here, the game is played while standing.

Tilt: Tilt means a technical problem with a slot machine.



Online Slots Dictionary:

Blank: A vacant space between two symbols on a reel is called a blank. This is sometimes called a ghost, and occurs very frequently when the reels are spun.

Coin size: Coin size refers to the value of the bet placed.

Comps: Comps are rewards offered to online slots players, such as holiday tickets, free meals and so on.

Credit meter: This is a display that indicates how many game credits a player has at any given time.

Multi line slots: Slot games with several pay lines are called multi line slots.

Onesies: Slang term for a player who always plays only one coin at a time.

Pay line: A pay line is a line that passes through the reels, touching each symbol. Different slot games have different numbers of pay lines, from one to hundred. Pay table or pay screen: This is a table

which displays the various possible payouts in a particular slots game with reference to the various winning combinations possible.

Progressive jackpots: Progressive jackpots are the rewards offered in progressive slot games. They can add up to significant amounts. Usually, the maximum number of coins has to be bet to make a player eligible to win a progressive jackpot.

Progressive slots: This refers to a group of machines that are linked together with regard to the jackpot offered. A percentage of each player’s bets are placed in a common pool, which can be won by a player on any of the linked machines.

Random number generator: software that randomly generate numbers. These numbers determine the positions of the reels and symbols and thus the wins or losses of a player.

Rollup: Rollup refers to dramatic sound effects that take place when a player wins a reward.

Scatter symbol: When these rewards appear anywhere on the reels of a slots game, big rewards can be earned by the player. Scatter symbols also often trigger bonus games or bonus features such as the free spins feature.

Symbols: The images that are an intrinsic part of slots games are called symbols or icons. They can be rewarding when they appear in the right places on the reels of a slots game.

Wild symbol: The wild symbol is an icon on a slot machine game that brings big rewards by substituting for other symbols to form winning combinations.

Winning combination: This occurs when a specified group of symbols appear together, and results in rewards for the player.