Slots History

Overview of Slots History History of Land Based Slots History of Online Slots

Overview of Slots History:

Slots have been popular for a long time now, ever since the first slot machines were made, in America. It was Charles Fey, a 29 year old mechanic, who made the first slot machine – this was in 1887, in San Francisco, in collaboration with the Mills Novelty company. Fey called his invention the Liberty Bell.

A few years later, in 1891, Pitt and Sittman, designed a slot machine in New York that had poker hands appearing on it; however these machines did not have a payback mechanism.

Charles Fey’s next contribution to the history of slots was the creation of the Operator Bell slot machine. The classic fruit symbols were first featured with this machine. Soon after this, an anti-gambling movement began to gain momentum and slots were made illegal in California by 1911.

In the 1930s, much quieter versions of the slot machine were built – these were called the silent bell slot machines. Themes and designs for the slot machine cabinets were introduced at this time by the Mills Novelty Company. The first slot machine that ran with the help of electricity was the Money Honey slot machine, made by Bally Gaming.

In the 1970s, random number generators and micro chips were added to the machines, and slots gradually became more and more sophisticated. Now, with the widespread use of the internet, slot games are available in online versions too.


History of Land Based Slots:

Slots history credits Charles Fey with the invention of the earliest slot machines. The first slot machine had three reels, and symbols that included the still popular card symbols, and bells, a star and horseshoes. When a player put a nickel into the Liberty Bell slot machine, a handle would be released and a particular combination of symbols would appear in a clear window. Two Horseshoe symbols would win the player two coins, and three Bell symbols would result in a reward of twenty coins. This first slot machine is still in existence, and can be seen at the Liberty Bell Saloon and Restaurant in Reno, Nevada.

In the 1940s, slot machines were made increasingly popular, when they were set up in several gambling establishments in Las Vegas by Bugsy Siegel.

Of course the first offline slot machines were a far cry from the slot machines we are used to today, both at land casinos and at websites online where slots games are played. Fey’s machines were about the size of the ones found in modern land casinos, but were of course much simpler, and without the chances for enormous prizes that are available to slots players now. These machines were made of cast iron, and the early ones had a bell that rang when a player got a winning combination. The next milestone in slot machine development was the introduction by the Mills Novelty Company of the Operator Bell slot machine, which was similar to the Liberty Bell, but had the addition of fruit symbols such as cherries and plums, which are still extremely popular slots icons. Then came slot machines with wooden cabinets, decorated with colorful designs; by this time, land based slot machines had become much more silent during operation. In addition, the coin acceptor became more secure, with a display that showed the coins as they were played.


History of Online Slots:

When Charles Fey made his first slot machine, he could not possibly have envisioned how popular slots games would become – to the extent of being played online by players across the world. However, Fey’s machines were the starting point of the online slots history, and the games that are played online still have something in common with the games played more than a hundred years ago.

After the introduction of electric slot machines in the 1960s, the next stage in online slots history was launched with the dollar slot machine, which was followed by the introduction of the video poker slot machine by a company called Sircoma in 1980. Other video slots came in, too and these games had features such as multiple pay lines, acceptance of different coin denominations and wider game variety. About fifteen years later, multiple games and then bonus features were introduced. All these features had an important part to play in the online slots history since they were all incorporated when the world went online, and online games became a hugely popular leisure activity for millions around the globe.

Software experts created online versions of slots games, making them available to players in the comfort and convenience of their own homes. They can now be played at any time, and come in an enormous variety ranging from the classic three reel slots, to slots with multiple reels and pay lines, video slots, progressive slots and slots with story lines.

As online slots developed, they became more and more sophisticated. State of the art graphics, impressive sound effects and delightful animation became a part of online slots games, and random number generation and excellent security features ensured fair play, good chances of winning and safe financial transactions.

Today, there are hundreds of casinos that offer slot machine games online in a wide variety of themes, and with good payout percentages. Bonuses, tournaments and huge jackpots are all now part of the online slots package – and this is just the beginning. New developments are sure to add to the history of online slots even more, making these games even more popular.