Slots Tournaments

Overview of Slots Tournaments How Online Slots Tournaments Work Types of Online Slots Tournaments Scheduled Tournaments Sit and Go Tournaments Strategy for Online Slots Tournaments


Overview of Slots Tournaments:

Whatever kind of slots game a player goes in for there will be reward opportunities and chances to win prizes. But for that extra edge of excitement, there is nothing like the rewards gained from an online slots tournament. And the quiet and privacy you get in your own home as opposed to the hurly burly of a tournament in a land casino, makes the perfect background for you to concentrate on your game. It’s not surprising that online slots tournaments are so popular.

The competition can be quite varied in online slots tournaments, since all kinds of players, from beginners to professional players take part in them. So such competitions can be a good way to assess one’s own success at the game in relation to others. What’s more, one does not have to be an expert in order to participate in online slots tournaments – since luck is all-important in a slots game any player has as good a chance as another to win big rewards.

There are various types of online slots tournaments, including scheduled tournaments, freeroll tournaments and sit and go tournaments, and each of these competitions have different rules, and some restrictions with regard to entry can apply in certain cases.


How Online Slots Tournaments Work:

The first step in participating in an online slots tournament is paying the entry fee, if the tournament in question is not a free slots tournament. These are generally moderate charges, and well worth the price in terms of the returns in enjoyment, thrills and potential rewards. A player would need to be a member of the casino which is hosting the tournament, or can become a member in order to participate. You should have a clear understanding of the rules and restrictions of the slot tournament you are entering - you do not, however, need to be an expert. Once the player has signed up for the slots tournament, a slot machine is provided to the entrant, and the player has a fixed amount of time in which to play. At the end of the specified time period, scores of the various participants in the tournament are tabulated, and the winner is the one with the highest score in the game. The prizes for winning online slots tournaments can be quite generous, since many casinos use tournaments as a tool to attract more players to their website. It is certainly an effective tool, since increasing numbers of players are entering these online slots competitions, with an eye on the huge rewards offered. 



Types of Online Slots Tournaments:

Online slots tournaments come in different formats. There is a wide enough variety available for any slots player to find a suitable tournament that will offer fun as well as profit. In essence, there are three kinds of online slots tournaments, categorized with reference to tournament fees. Free tournaments are usually by invitation – as the name indicates, there is no entry fee charged here. Such tournaments act as incentives for players to come to a particular casino. Then there are tournaments where the money collected as entry fees goes back to players in the form of prizes, so the casino does not profit. Tournaments where the casino does gain financially are also available – these often offer special bonuses and privileges to participants as part of the tournament package.

Tournaments can also be categorized as scheduled tournaments and sit and go tournaments.



Scheduled Tournaments:

Scheduled slots tournaments have a specified date and time at which the games will begin. The location is also known to participants in advance. Scheduled slots tournaments are sometimes private, where entry is restricted to a particular group of players.

Scheduled slots tournaments often carry a buy in, or entry fee. Here, the buy in amount paid by each entrant in the tournament is put into a common pool which is divided among the eventual winners. With large numbers of participants, these prize pools can amount to significant rewards. The buy in not only acts as an entry fee, it also gives a player a specified number of game credits that may be used during the tournament.

Scheduled tournaments can also be free, with no entry or registration fee at all. Free tournaments are usually organized and hosted by casinos looking for ways to attract players to their sites. Such tournaments require membership at the host casino, but that is the only criterion a participant needs to meet here. Free tournaments offer players a chance to win without risking any money. 

Different types of rewards are offered in scheduled tournaments – guaranteed tournaments feature a guaranteed (by the host casino) minimum prize pool; share prize pool tournaments have the collected entry fees divided among winners, and satellite tournaments have buy ins to important tournaments as prizes.



Sit and Go Tournaments:

Another common type of online slots tournament is the sit and go tournament. These were first held in poker, but are now adopted in many games. Sit and go tournaments are extremely popular with slots players. With competitions of this type, there is no fixed starting time. The tournament will begin as soon as enough players have entered the competition. The seats here are limited - generally, there are not very many participants required for a sit and go tournament – three or five entrants is usual, so the game does not take long to begin once the first player has entered the contest. A sit and go slots tournament does not take long to complete, either.

Many online slots players enjoy sit and go tournaments because they are quick, convenient and are available in casinos across the net. This kind of tournament is ideal for players who are looking for some fast competitive slots action, and would like to play on impulse, rather than at a scheduled time, where you have to work around other appointments and make sure you are online at the right time. Sit and go games can be played on the spur of the moment, and it is easy to find a game going at most times.



Strategy for Online Slots Tournaments:

Although slot games in general do not call for a strategy that is effective in winning rewards, since luck is so important in this context, when you are playing in an online slots tournament, there are some strategic points that will repay consideration.

To start with, choose your tournament carefully. Try to players at your own skill level, and make sure the rewards will be worth the time and money you put in.

Remember to bet max on every spin, so that you win the big jackpot if you are the winner. Also you do not want to be left with unused coins at the end of the tournament. Speed of play is extremely important for the same reason – you should finish your coins before time is called. Leaving your finger lightly on the spin tab is useful in this regard.

Make sure you are fresh and alert before you start playing, fatigue can result in foolish mistakes that could be expensive, too. Concentration is vital - so ensure that you are not likely to be distracted or disturbed during the game. Stay focused, it may be tempting to look around to refresh your eyes or to talk briefly to someone, but such inattention could cost you your tournament.