Slots Types

Overview of Different Slots Types 3 Reel Slots Video Slots Bonus Slots Free Spin Slots X of Y Bonus Slots Mulit-Level Bonus Round Slots Progressive Slots

Overview of Different Slots Types:

The wide range of slot games available online can be bewildering, even for someone who is not new to the genre. There are all kinds of games in the slots genre, from one, two, three, five and seven reel slot machines, games with different numbers of symbols and games which offer players different kinds of bonuses. You could play 3 reel slots, video slots, progressive slots and bonus slots with features such as free spins, sliding symbols, wild multipliers and X of Y bonus games.

Let us look at some of these options in detail for a better understanding of the various types of slot games.


3 Reel Slots:

The classic 3 reel slot games are the simplest type of slots. This does not mean they are less enjoyable; in fact, many slots enthusiasts exclusively play 3 reel slots as a matter of preference. In any case, 3 reel slots are excellent for newcomers to the game, who can quickly grasp the fundamentals here.

How do 3 reel slots work? Essentially, such games have reels with symbols on them, and incorporate a random number generator, which decides the position in which the reels settle after they have been turned. So winning here is completely down to luck, and there is no way a player can influence the outcome of the game, whether by strategic play, or by playing in a particular way.   

3 reel slots are also called single line slot machines, and more interestingly, ‘one armed bandits’. This last name comes from the fact that earlier mechanical slot machines had levers which needed to be pulled by the player.

Usually 3 reel slot games accept up to three coins as a wager on a particular spin. The rewards from classic 3 reel slot games can be quite healthy, and nowadays, some of these games come with generous progressive jackpots as well.


Video Slots:

Video slots are another interesting variation of slot games. Online slots are all video slot machines - here, unlike a mechanical slot machine, there are no physical reels – these are represented by images on a screen. There can be any number of reels in a video slot game, since they are not real reels which would occupy a lot of space.

The graphics and other effects used in video slots games are sophisticated and attractive, and enhance the game experience considerably. These games usually have symbols ranging between twenty and hundred in number. Players can bet on as many pay lines as they wish.

Video slot games are more advantageous than mechanical slot machines in that there is little physical upkeep required, and problems that do arise with software can be easily attended to with the minimum of downtime. Also, these games are much more mathematically precise.  

Video slot games operate with the help of a random number generator, which emits numbers that affect the position of the reels after a spin. So there is no question of anticipating a particular outcome, or following a particular strategy in an attempt to win, because the results of the game are completely random.


Bonus Slots:

Bonus slots are games that incorporate a bonus game round, which is usually triggered by certain symbols, or combinations thereof, on an active pay line. These bonus games are in tune with the main theme of the game, and can offer good rewards to the lucky player.

Bonus slots make playing the reels even more appealing for online slots fans, and are very popular with thousands of players. In fact, bonus slots are often the deciding factor when it comes to choosing a slots game to play regularly, since the rewards as well as the enjoyment derived are considerable.

The bonus game in bonus slots goes along with the theme of the main game, incorporating the same symbols and sound effects. In some cases, these games are very well animated, adding to the fun and pleasure of playing the slot game. Such a game is activated when a predetermined number of a certain icon (scatter or wild symbols) appear on the reels. Substantial winnings can be earned in a bonus slots game. Generally, a player has to perform some action during the bonus game, such as choosing a particular object, or collecting points in order to earn a reward, or matching symbols. Sometimes more imaginative and interesting games are offered.


Free Spins Slots:

A free spins feature is one of the most attractive features as far as slots bonuses are concerned. It is not only a much appreciated part of a slots game; the free spins feature has made the game itself even more popular. With this feature, it is possible for a player to get to spin the reels for free, when certain symbols appear. So, for instance, five wild symbols in a particular game would activate the free spins feature, and allow the player to spin the reels several times without needing to spend any of his or her own money. More free spins can be triggered while the player is spinning for free.


X of Y Bonus Slots:

The X of Y bonus is a rewarding bonus that is offered to players who get a certain number of specific symbols on the reels. Here, players get the chance to play a bonus game – not where the reels normally appear, but on another screen. This is why the X of Y bonus is often called the bonus game on the second screen.

During such a game, the player picks out one or more objects from a group, and adds up the winning that each of these objects carries. Sometimes this bonus game can be played at several levels, with one level needing to be completed successfully before the player can go to the next one.


Multi-Level Bonus Slots:

Multi-level bonuses are another interesting feature in slots games. Such games consist of several levels, as the name suggests, with increasing rewards and profits. Here, when a player gets to the bonus game, and plays it well, he or she moves on to the next level, and so on until the entire bonus game is completed. However, a player who fails to complete a particular level will not be able to move on, and the bonus game will end at that point. Multi-level bonuses add considerably to a player’s involvement in a game, since it is not easy to go from one level to another.


Progressive Slots:

Progressive slots can be extremely rewarding when a player is lucky. These slots come with attractively large progressive jackpots that are formed by adding a part of every wager to the reward amount. Progressive slot games can be linked across games, across machines and across casinos, so the total can sometimes be staggering. As soon as the jackpot in a progressive slot game has been won, the game is reset and the jackpot starts to get built up again. There is a wide variety of progressive slots games to choose from, each with a temptingly large jackpot once enough players have contributed to the prize pool.

Since the winning that can be earned here are so large, progressive jackpot slots are extremely popular. In turn, this popularity ensures that the progressive jackpot amount is considerable.

One point has to always be remembered when it comes to progressive slot games – a player has to bet the maximum number of coins in order to quality for the progressive jackpot.

Progressive slots are also available in an offline mode for those who prefer this. Here, the games have increasingly high jackpots, making them very exciting to play and with opportunities for excellent rewards.